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Bear Creek in Linville, North Carolina

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Welcome to the MountainsWelcome to the Mountains
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The Dining Experience

No matter your taste in dining, you will find just the right flavor to satisfy everyone's appetite from morning to noon and night are just minutes from home. For dining out or carry-in, we know what you like is here.

Your Winter Wonderland
Gold - Saphires - Rubies
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DALL·E 2022-10-04 14.26.08 - photo of a north carolina black bear panning for gold in a ro
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Golfing Wonderland

Golfers around the world know North Carolina is one of the best places to tee it up! Did you know the Number 2 rated course in all of North Carolina is located in Linville along with Bear Creek?

Looks like everyone is getting in on the search for gold, rubies, saphires, and crystals in the creeks and mines near Linville. If you fancy the thrill of finding precious gold or even a valuable gemstone, you'll find it nearby to your mountain home.

Gone Fishing

Whether you prefer a cane-pole for the kids or your favorite custom flyrod, there’s something biting in the streams, lakes, and fishing ponds near Bear Creek to fit everyone’s mountain fishing adventure.  

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Click on photo for Campus Live Cam

Appalachian State University

Did you know one of the most notable Universities in North Carolina is located just minutes from Bear Creek? 

Multiple publications have labelled Appalachian State University as "Best" and "Most Notable" for 2022-2023. 

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You just never know what you'll see next at Bear Creek...

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Bear Creek in Linville

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