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Bear Creek in Linville, North Carolina

Welcome To             
        ... The Mountains

Bear Creek in Linville, North Carolina

Welcome to the MountainsWelcome to the Mountains
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Located just a hop, skip, and a holler from Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham, Winston-Salem and Asheville, Bear Creek in Linville, North Carolina is a private, prestige residential community near Blowing Rock, Boone, and Banner Elk, North Carolina. 


Featuring outstanding lots, homes and townhomes for sale in Linville, North Carolina, Bear Creek is where nature and mankind exist in harmony.


You are invited to experience the special lifestyle we have created that makes you feel right at home and part of the local community the moment you visit. Plus, skiing on nearby slopes is superb!

Linville is a very special community that is home to some of the most sought after homes, lots and real estate in North Carolina's High Country.


Being good neighbors to Grandfather Country Club, Linville Ridge, Linville Land Harbor and Blowing Rock makes Bear Creek the perfect place to call home.  Whether we are your home away from home in the mountains of Western North Carolina or you are ready to be one or our locals, you'll know the hospitality that makes everyone wish they could trade places.

Bear Creek consists of 145 acres of beautiful property that was developed with great care in an effort to preserve the natural beauty that existed long before we first broke ground. Great efforts have been made to work around the trees and the streams to impact as little as possible.

  • 145 Acres of Beautiful Property

  • Only 100 Residential Units

  • Lots for Cottages, Custom Homes and Town Homes

  • 30 Acres of Wildlife Preserve

  • Skiing, Fall Foliage, and Year-Round Events Nearby!

There are wild turkey, grouse, deer and bear that live at Bear Creek, and we are doing our best to encourage them to stay. Our property includes a preserve of over 30 acres just for the wildlife habitat. To be able to see the wildlife in a setting that they will always feel safe and protected is our first goal, then to be able to build within the surrounding area for our residents who enjoy being part of nature and the beauty that God created adds to the enjoyment of developing Bear Creek.

  • As you wander the vastness of Bear Creek, you'll also find commissioned sculpture that captures the fox, cougar and bear that call you new home their heritage home. 

  • A place where nature & mankind live in harmony and sculpture so realistic    it seems alive.

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Please send us your contact information and a friendly representative will reach out to find out how we may make your dream of mountain living in a friendly setting become a reality. Welcome to our community!

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Bear Creek in Linville

North Carolina Mountain Properties LLC

P.O Box 1200, Linville, NC 28646

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